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Contributing to a safer Europe

The Tools4LEAs project aims at establishing a long-term and sustainable structure that delivers on a regular basis tools that are ready to be used at operational level by European public security practitioners (law enforcement agencies (LEA) and others), primarily in their digital investigations. These tools will have no license costs for European public security practitioners.


Beneficiary: The sole beneficiary of the Tools4LEAs project is European Anti-Cybercrime Technology Development Association (EACTDA).
Funding: The project is partially funded by the European Union, under the ISF Police programme; grant number 101136295.
Start: The project started July 2021.
Duration: The initial duration of the project is 24 months. For the longer term, the intention is to continue the work with follow-up projects.


The Tools4LEAs is an end-user driven project. End-users will provide on regular basis (at least every 6 months) an updated list of prioritised needs. These needs will be used to create the Business Requirements (BR). Then, EACTDA and/or its members will propose new tools development projects for those BR that cannot be appropriately met with existing solutions. EACTDA Secretariat will implement a Project Portfolio Management model that will manage the new tool development project proposals as well as ongoing projects previously approved.
Tools4LEAs methodology


EU logoThis project has received funding from the European Union's ISF Police programme under grant agreement No. 101136295.

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